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About Us

Sheet Metal Processing

About Us

Sheet Metal Processing SRL was established in 2011, in order to expand the opportunities offered by the region, in the field of sheet metal processing.

Our main activity is the cutting of steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheets, using laser technology.

We offer a complete service for our clients, from the first stages of product design, to mass production, which would be impossible without mutual trust. Also, in keeping with the deadlines, we strengthen the trust of our customers.


According to our policy, we always offer the fastest, specific and most accurate solutions. Despite the fact that our technology is capable of working with the highest precision, we continuously monitor the accuracy of our products.


As a fully automated technology, switching from one product to another requires minimal time, resulting in increased productivity.


As our customer’s satisfaction is the number one criterion, we always offer the most economical options. To this aspect contributes our equipment, which has a workspace of 8 m2, so that we can always choose the most optimal ratio, minimizing waste.

Cutting with the help of laser technology

In order to ensure the principles listed above, together with professional competence, our equipment helps us. We have a Trumpf TC 4030 laser cutting machine, which, with its large workspace and state-of-the-art technology, can always ensure the optimal ratio between productivity and economy.

With this technology any form of arbitrary complexity can be cut, without burr, from sheets of max. 20 mm steel, max. 15 mm stainless steel, and max. 10 mm aluminum, with maximum dimensions of 4m x 2m.

Technical data:

– Dimension of sheet: max. 4000 mm x 2000 mm

– Workpiece maximal weight: 1250 kg

– Thicknesses: • 0-20 mm steel

• 0-15 mm stainless steel

• 0-8 mm aluminium

– Positioning speed:
• 60 m/min parallel with one axis

• 85 m/min simultaneous

– Precision:
• smallest programable distance: 0, 01 mm

• positioning precision: ±0,1 mm

• repeatability: ±0,03 mm

– power: 4000 W

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